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The Impact

Our program is a collaborative campaign with corporations, celebrities, athletes, music artists, activists, businessman, politicians, students, principals, teachers, and parents who have come together to show support for President & Mrs. Obamas anti-bullying movement, which has already taken national stage in the media.

It is our responsibility to make sure our children learn to treat each other with respect. The impact of educating our youngest members of society about how to be more compassionate and understanding is of immeasurable value to the nation and to the world. And by taking the initiative to reinforce this message within our children, we reinforce it within ourselves, as well. Everyone wins.

What We Need & What You Get

The Karen Klein Anti-Bullying Foundation currently has 4,000 Play Pretty & Play Pals books available for purchase through its website, the sale of which will help bring more awareness to the Anti-Bullying campaign and generate funding support for our educational content program.

Each book is a $20 gift and we're encouraging children's book lovers, musicians, teachers, principals, faith leaders, elected officials, corporations, and anyone who's involved in our children lives to purchase a single book, bulks of 25 to 250, or the entire stock to support our campaign.

Anti-Bullying Children Books

Other Ways You Can Help

October is Pacer Center's anti-bullying prevention month.

In light of recent events, our Artists Against Bullying family and friends have shown their support for putting an end to bullying by teaming up with Play Pretty, Play Pals Project and various campaigns, including JNFE's No Bully Tour 2012, Breje's No Bullies™ program, Miss Teen USA 2012 Logan West's 'Bully Proof: Empowering Children Today to Stop Bullying Tomorrow' anti-bullying initiative, and others.

Project54Tour has developed an inspiring new music CD project called 'Bullying Behavior In America: Words Do Hurt, Volume 1', that will introduce seventeen (17) recordings with from artists such as R&B artist Marckel, Gospel rapper Testimony, Pop singer Adam Web, the all-girl teen pop band Still Saffire, Grammy nominated pop artist Beau Badrick, and Universal teen recording artist, Brejé, one of pop cultures new budding stars.

To learn more visit:

We encourage everyone to download a song or all seventeen on October 1st, 2012 and spread the word about bullying prevention in an effort to support National Bullying Awareness Month.